Activity sectors

Our services allow us to offer the best logistics solution to a wide range of sectors that work regularly or on occasions with high technology equipment.

Computer and technological equipment.
Storage, distribution and location of equipment, whatever their technical and physical characteristics.

All types of electronic equipment of the telecommunications sector (radio, telephonic etc.)

Medical/hospital equipment
We handle the logistics of all kinds of high technology medical equipment (scanners, X-ray and nuclear magnetic resonance material, incubators etc.).

Laboratory equipment.
A complete range of services for handling specific laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment.

Manufacturing.Specialist equipment and personnel for handling goods of any weight

Electronic/traditional banking .
A range of logistics services for financial and banking entities (cash dispensers, cash tills, safe deposit boxes etc.).

Graphic arts.
Transport, assembly and handling of heavy equipment.

Ticket issuing, food and drink vending machines or any other automatic vending machine handling.

Industrial and electrical equipment.

Industrial air conditioning.
Location and start-up of high volume and weight equipment.

Fitness / Wellness. Transport, assembly and specialist technical service for gymnasia, sports centres and private users.

Power/Renewable energy.From electricity generators to power stations, solar panels, wind tower blades etc.