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Certificate of Quality UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015

Criterios de Inspección de Recepción de Materiales y Prestación de Servicios

Protocolo de Actuación de Transportistas

G3 Logistic & Tech is aware of the importance of integrating within a same management system the quality of providing our service and respecting our environment. Our integral policy is therefore based on a series of principles that guide and simplify their implementation:

  • A wish to improve continually the services that we provide.
  • Constant professionalism of our organisation. Order and discipline in our actions.
  • The permanent target of our customers' satisfaction.
  • Internal requirements relating to optimising our resources.
  • A clear and explicit commitment to preventing and minimising pollution.
  • A clear and explicit commitment to meeting legal requirements as well as those set up by our customers.

These general lines of action are specified in the daily management of our staff and, particularly, in:

  • The company’s decided commitment to fulfil and to improve the frequency of our vehicles, their punctuality on their routes and customer attention via the Customer Service Department (SAC) and by technologically adopting our monitoring methods.
  • Taking advantage of our recourses: optimising lines, adapting our vehicles to the conditions required by the goods, permanent professional training of or personnel.
  • The clear and decided commitment to management that respects the environment that takes the form of scrupulously fulfilling current legislation, the selective management of our waste, the best vehicles and constantly considering our environmental targets and goals.

All this takes the form of our Quality Decalogue in Service and Environmental Commitment, which is known and applied by all our employees in their daily work.

G3 Sales Europe is committed to providing the resources to enable the development and continuous improvement of our integral management system.


  1. We are all committed to the service quality that we provide to our customers and to the environmental respect in our actions.
  2. Our aim is to ensure systems of action that provide the certainty that our customers receive our service with the maximum quality.
  3. We work to satisfy the needs of all the companies to which we provide our services.
  4. We have the best personnel and we create a working environment that allows them the maximum personal and professional development.
  5. We must do things well at the first attempt, adopt continuous improvement and environmental commitment as a customary working method.
  6. We adopt error prevention as a Quality System.
  7. We provide our staff with the proper continuous training as a way of implementing good working practices.
  8. We make available to all our personnel the best policies and means to ensure the quality of our service and the proper environmental management of our actions.
  9. We keep up to date with that latest technological advances and adapt systems that ensure that the means and premises that we use to carry out our service are optimum for achieving the goal sought.
  10. Provide suggestions that benefit all of us.