On-site services

As all customers and goods need to be treated individually, at G3 Sales Europe we study each to be able to offer in situ the best logistics and transport solutions, whatever the means.

  • Location/relocation.Whatever the origin or destination, we locate and relocate high tech equipment.
  • Packing/unpacking.We have the most modern and efficient systems to protect equipment while it is being transported.
  • Pre-installation/Installation.Thanks to highly specialist personnel, we install and uninstall equipment including electronic network and configuration tasks, leaving them ready to use.
  • Accesses/Special means. We use any type of machinery to reach places where no others could: roofs of high buildings, narrow stairways, difficultly accessible basements etc…
  • Waste management.At the end of its useful life, equipment needs special management. We take charge of all operations, including any work with the administration or of a legal nature for its recycling/disposal.
  • Service guarantee.As nothing can be left to chance, we have the best insurance policies tailor made for each operation and product.